Friday, February 25, 2011


     I have recently read the book Evermore by Alyson Noel. This book has 306 pages and the genre is fantasy. In this book a girl named Ever looses her parents, her little sister, and her dog in a car crash. Ever since the accident Ever has been able to hear other people's thoughts, see their auras, and she can also see her dead little sister. She even talks to her all the time! After the accident, Ever had to move in with her aunt who lives in California. A few years later, on the first day of school, a new kid arrives named Damen. He seems to be amazing at everything, from history to art. The only strange thing about him is he doesn't seem to have an aura, and Ever can't seem to read his thoughts. For some reason he seems to like Ever, even thought she is know as a freak at her school along with her two friends Miles and Haven. Ever begins to like Damen, but she won't admit it. Then along comes some girl named Drina. Drina doesn't seem to have an aura just like Damen. For some reason, Drina seems to not like Ever. Also all of a sudden, Ever's friend Haven starts wanting to hang out with Drina. I really liked this book. It kept me wanting to keep turning the page because the characters are so unique, and I felt like I was experiencing everything that the main character, Ever, was. I think people can connect to this book because it tells how even if something terrible happens to you, it won't be the end of the world. Here's a passage that will surely make you want to read this book. (page 238) 
I push the hair out of my eyes and race blindly through the
fog, hoping to locate the trail, get back to where I started. My
lungs threatening to explode in my chest, as my flip-flops break
and abandon my feet, but I still run. Running as the sharp cold
rocks slice into my soles.Running as a searing hot pain burns a
hole through my ribs. Running past trees whose sharp, unadorned
branches snatch at my jacket and rip it right off me. Running for
my life-even thoughI'm not surre it's worth living.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Third Book Talk

   Linger: by Maggie Stiefvater
    I have recently read a book called Linger. There are 360 pages in this book. The genre of this book is fantasy. This is the second book  in a series. The first book is called Shiver. In this book, a girl named Grace is able to be with her boyfriend Sam who used to be a werewolf. In the last book he was cured when Grace gave him an injection of meningitis which gave him an extremely high fever. This so called cure makes the wolf die out of Sam because when it's cold outside, that's normally when humans that are werewolves change to their wolf form. Sam is better, but is Grace? Ten years ago when Grace was a little girl, she got bit by a wolf, but she never changed into a werewolf because her parents left her in a car on a super hot day. Now Grace and her friend Isabel find a dead wolf with blood around its mouth. Why did it die? A new wolf with a mysterious pass suddenly arrives at Isabel's house. He is one of the only people that Sam has ever met that wants to stay as a wolf so he doesn't remember anything. His name is Cole, and the only problem is, he just can't seem to stay in his wolf form, even when it's very cold outside. Cole was a famous rock star and his dad was a  smart scientist.Suddenly Grace is banned from seeing Sam, but she sneaks out anyways to see him. She thinks about running away with Sam since her parents hardly even knew what was going on in her life, until Sam showed up. They were always gone at an art fair or a party, and suddenly when the best thing happens to Grace, they barge into her life and take it away. Lately Grace hasn't been feeling to good. She's been having terrible headaches and stomachaches, and she's been having lots of bloody noses, but she's hiding it so that Sam won't notice. Suddenly Grace is in the hospital and the minutes in her life are lessening more and more. I would give this book five stars hands down. I enjoyed reading about each main characters point of view in each chapter. It had me wanting to turn the pages to find out what happened next. I felt as if I were experiencing the whole book myself. I think that anyone who likes reading about fantasy and werewolves should read this book. Even if you have never read a book like this, I highly recommend reading Linger, but I would definitely read Shiver first.  I would sell this book by showing the font cover because at a first glance all you see is a green woods, but when you look closely, you can see a girl and a wolf hidden in the background. Here is a passage that will surely get you hooked on this book.

"There was no longer night than this: Cole and I in the cafeteria,
going over every detail of the wolves until Cole's brain was full
and he sent both Isabel and me away so that he could sit at a
table with his head in his hands and a piece of paper in front of
him. It seemed amazing to me that everything I wanted, every-
thing I'd ever wanted , hung on the shoulders of Cole St. Clair,
sitting at a plastic table with a scribbled-on napkin, but what
else did I have?
      I escaped from the cafeteria to sit outside her room, my back 
to the wall, my head in my hands. Against my will, I was mem-
orizing everything about these walls, this place, this night. 
      I had no hope that they would let me in to see her. 
      So all I prayed for was that they would not come out to tell 
me that she was gone. I prayed for the door not to open. Just 
stay alive."-page 348

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My second book talk

I just read a book called Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. This book has 271 pages, and the author is Gabrielle Zevin.  Here is an interesting passage from the book.

That night in my bedroom, I took out my sophmore yearbook for the first time since I'd been back to school. I had originally been intending to look through it for inspiration for my photography project proposal, which was due the next day. Instead, I found myself turning to my class picture.
       There she was with her light gray hair and her dark gray lips upturned into an inpenetrable grin. I wished that she could talk and tell me everything she had ever felt or thought or seen.
      "What were you like?" I asked her. "Were you happy, or were you smiling because they told you to?"

This book is a realistic fiction book about a girl named Naomi who loses her memory when she falls down the stairs at her school after she returns to get the yearbook camera. If she would've picked tails, things might have been different, but she picked heads. Now Naomi can't remember the last four years of her life. She forgot about her boyfriend, her parents' divorce, and why she loved doing yearbook so much. I would give this book four out of five stars because I enjoyed learning about how it felt for someone to experience what it's like to go through losing their memory. I didn't give this book five stars because it wasn't my favorite book, but i still liked it a lot. If you guys like heartwarming books, then you will like this book too!